17 Oct 2013

tiles, stairs and food

What ever I do in the majority of cases, it has something to do with food. Not that I am cooking the whole day, but there are moments I have to think about it at least. It is no wonder, that I sometime have to leave the house for cooking sessions in different places.
That is what makes it really exciting for me. After the menu planning there is enough space for surprises. When I've packed all my stuff and head to the clients, I mostly do not know what the environment looks like.
Do I have to carry up all the stuff by myself, into the fifth floor or is there an elevator? What is the kitchen like? Is the place inspiring? Is the equipment in good condition?
But with all the work in advance, and after such an event, for most of the people it is inconceivable to do this by themselves. They are always insecure that the place is matching the needs.
The only thing you need is an stove and some people who like to enjoy the dinner with you. It sounds easy. But the truth is, it is easy. 
Although sometimes it was tricky, it always has been a lot of fun and pleasure for me
so far.