2 Oct 2013


No. Unfortunately not.
You haven't had enough time?
No. Although I think sometime it is a good excuse. Do not ask. I do not have an explanation. It is just as it is.

Working as a freelancer you always will assume not to to have enough time to do something that's good for you. If you have enough time you waste it by wondering if working self employed was a good idea instead of doing something better. Yeah, I know. It is hard to decide not to think of a work you might not have today and doing something nice. For the nice things you already worked and you deserve some moments just for you. So did we.
Working long hours, running short of sleep and nearly forgot that we are no machines. Summer holidays in Berlin are mostly quiet in regard to my job. Breathing the warm and fresh air (of a big city, right), enjoying the sun we started doing what's good for us.
Have been visited by a friend not only with a bunch of presents. She also brought back some good memories of our New Zealand time. It is so good and sometimes even funny to lay back and remember what you have already done.
Spending time with friends and family, having savouries and becoming jealous of the birthday cake of our nephew.
More than once your dog is demonstrating how easy it is to fit into the smallest pool in the middle of nowhere. Her goal: world record in splashing. She reached with joy.
And suddenly we went to some art fairs. We haven't done for long. Great paintings and photographs and the most biggest elevator. Extraordinary things appear when you spend a little time. And to be honest by all the fun we had we also did something for our job. We stocked up on some inspiration. Which is really necessary to get on. 



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