8 Oct 2013


Autumn is in town and although there are still some nice and sunny days it is clear that summer is finally gone. Even the last butterfly visited us to say good bye. Nice compensation.

Spontaneously we decided to make a short trip to visit a birthday party. What a nightmare. We started well prepared and instead of 5 hours drive we spent nine hours on motorway moving slowly in a traffic jam. You will understand that we haven't been in a good mood when we arrived. Friends and family members already left the party. The good thing after my mother in law recovered from our surprisingly attendance there was still some cake and coffee left. Nice compensation.

After a good sleep and a nice breakfast we had a long walk in the sun enlighted forest. The colours and a warm breeze, nice friendly faces on trees have been in our company. Nice compensation.

And last but not least our dog Emma was runnig like crazy for hours from one side to the other side. Jumping over branches, diving into ponds and hunting golden leaves. As she spent nine hours on the motorway she was a bit unhappy and not really satisfied. At the end of the walk she made herself to queen of the forest. Nice compensation.


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