1 Aug 2013

melting away

Summer in the city.
Since a few days the temperature is climbing up the thermometer. Although we had heavy rain in the evening the sun is doing its best job ever. Melting the asphalt, making people walking slowly down the streets and extending the queue in front of the ice cream parlour.
For all those who already spent enough time at the lakes and rivers and do not want to queue up in the heat of the sun here is an idea to collaborate with your freezer.
The secret word is granité.
Basically it is lemon juice sweetened with sugar syrup which is kept in the freezer and frequently stirred with a whisk or fork until its frozen. The result are millions of refreshing ice crystals which are melting easily on your tongue.
Actually it is quite simple to make a granité.

Almond milk granité

Soak almonds for 24 hours in water and keep in the fridge. Strain and wash the almonds. Do not worry about the brown skin, there is no need to remove. 
Place one part almonds and four parts water in a blender. Blend and strain through a cotton towl and wring a bit into a bowl or container. Sweetening with a syrup. I prefer agave syrup.
The last thing you have to do is place the container in the freezer and stir frequently.
This is working with any nut.

Strawberry granité

This one is a bit more time consuming.
Wash and clean the strawberries. Cut in to chunks and place in a pot. Add mint, lime zests and lime juice, sugar, water and red wine (if you like). Boil up, blend roughly and pass through a fine sieve back into the pot. Slowly bring back to boil while you removing the foam from the surface. If you doing that accurately you will get a nice dark red strawberry juice. Pour into a container, allow to cool and then place it in the freezer.

And do not forget to stir.

Any flavours you add you do it to your taste.
Enjoy the hot summer cities.


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