1 May 2013

what's all about this

Time is running fast.
Although I haven't mentioned the last one we start planning the next Speak Easy Club .
What is this all about the Speak Easy Club?
It is all about food, but not only. 
It is all about a glass of red wine or maybe some more, but not only.
It is all  about the people coming to us to take a seat at the table, but not only.
It is all about candles, flowers, music, conversations, laughter, coffee and espresso, but not only.

It is all about having dinner with friends even if you do not know them.
You might say it is just another supper club. Maybe you are right, but it is all about a bit more, but not only.
Once a month an artist and a chef are sending out a menu to share the evening for a studio dinner they call Speak Easy Club. Delicacies, completely homemade from regional and seasonal food which is reflecting the warmth of the oven and the atmosphere of the place.

Next day when the cutlery and crockery are back in the cupboard and the dog found a place to relax you realise that once again the people made the last evening a success.
And the wine and the food and the atmosphere and...  


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