27 May 2013

sunny afternoon, a cup of coffee and...


... what else do you need?
Here are some things which might be helpful to have a sweet afternoon.
As you can see strawberries are quite important. And you have to make a Crème Anglaise.
So, put on your shoes and go shopping.
For the Crème Anglaise you need:

    4         Yolks
100   g     Sugar
500   g     Milk
 1/2 tblsp Starch (potato or corn)
    1         Vanilla pod
200   g     Cream, whisked

Just because you are well organised I am pretty sure that you are doing the shopping in the morning. And especially this is a great day. It is warm and sunny. And do you see this little coffee bar at the corner of the other side of the street?
Yes, this one with the red sign and the green sunshade shadowing a small dark brown table with a yellow flower in a porcelain vase.
Go over, take your time and order what ever you want. Relax.

You ordered something. Fine.
Before you are going home you still need some icing sugar and some frozen puff pastry sheets.

When reaching home you should be in a good mood and start the preparation. Keep some of the pastry sheets outside.
For the Crème Anglaise beat the yolks, starch and sugar over a water bath until its creamy and white. Meanwhile boiling up the milk with the vanilla pod which you cut in halves before.
Remove the vanilla pod and the egg mixture from the waterbath. By stirring constantly slowly pour half of the milk into the eggs . Then pour everything back into the milk. Bring back to low heat until it thickened. Do not forget to stir constantly. Allow to cool.
Whisk the cream until stiff and keep in the fridge. When the vanilla cream is cold fold in the cream and put it back into the fridge.

Instead of rolling the pastry sheets in flour you are using icing sugar.
Roll out the sheets very thin and cut into shapes you like (round, triangle, squares...). Place the pastry on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Bake in the oven at 170°C until the pastry is done and caramalised.
When they are cold cut lengthwise in two halves. Add some cream with a spoon or piping bag to the bottom, place some washed and cut strawberries. Add some cream on top of the strawberries and cover with the top of the pastry.

Enjoy the afternoon.