29 Apr 2013

drinks going to be served at the pool

After few days of warmth last week, the weekend was a bit cold. But today it seems that the sunny days are coming back. Although it is still hard to decide what to wear; cold in the morning, warm at noon and a mixture of everything in the afternoon; there must be some life forms who have a built-in thermometer.
I am pretty sure that one these life form is living with us. When I walked our dog Emma today along the channel she shows me quite intensively that a Labrador is attracted to water. She was still hunting the ball which I threw and brought it back with the unspoken words in her eyes to throw it again. But time by time she was checking the channel for a possibility to come closer to the water.
Then there is this little bridge you have to cross when you want to reach the other side of the channel. So we did and at he other side she went nuts because all in the sudden she remembers that there is an alley leading to a quiet crosscut of the channel where you can easily reach the water. 
She was a bit sad when I called her out of the water.
Why built-in thermometer? She already knows that area and in winter she wasn't interested to jump into the water. Not for a second.

When the Lab is going nuts the weather get warmer and drinks are going to be served at the pool. 

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