2 Feb 2013

sputnik and shadows

October 1957, Sputnik 1 has been injected into orbit.

February 2013. During the last decades it appears that some people  still have their doubts that mankind walked on the moon.
February 2013. I don't care much about the doubts of some people. But maybe I have to reconsider this attitude. Especially since yesterday when I found myself on the top of the Sputnik. What I saw was not the blue shiny sphere everybody is telling us about who was sent to space. Blue, red, yellow and white dots came into my sight like thunderbolts.
They told us that Sputnik 1 was uncrewed and had only a thermometer and a transmitter on board. May be nobody was on there when Sputnik circled our blue planet. But it is really true that the satellite burned when its entered the atmoshere? And was it still uncrewed?
When my eyes has been adjusted to the darkness and its colourful flashlights I saw those dimly creatures surrounded by an orange yellow aura. Surprisingly they have been talking in my language. So I sat back and was listening for quite while.

February 2013. Yesterday I have been invited to a literature reading by Salon Kreuzberg . Various actors and actresses reading lyrics of different authors. Just because it is great to reach for the stars this reading happened again at Sputnik which is a nice cinema on top of the roofs.
Thank you all for an amazing evening.


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