20 Feb 2013


Today I want to talk about a thing we all know. It is in the middle of our life and we just miss it when we can't see it. It is huge and sometime we are wondering where this object is hiding.
The weight is 330000 times the weight of our planet earth. Since the beginning of time it is the centre of our life. Scientists from the antiquity to the present have been discussing the genesis, the age, the size and the impact on the environment and mankind. We probably would not exist without.
Because of  the uniqueness it is also the principal performer of mythology.
The Chinese think that a dragon is going to eat the object and they made a lot of noise so the dragon releases the object. Inn northern mythology it is said that the thing is made from a spark lying on a carriage drawn by two horses and followed by a wolf who will dispatch on the day of apocalypse.
Do not be afraid although the news told us that we had less light in January than the year before. During my adventure in the dark forest this afternoon I found what we hunger for. I can tell you that we are far away from dragons and wolves and other beasts who might hunt the sun down.


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