18 Feb 2013

some things change, some don't

When I was young (I love to say this) our parents took us for a walk in to  the forest several times. We loved to play hide and seek in between the fallen branches and logs, hunting the invisible cowboys who stole the fish of our rivers. But when we reach a certain age we don't think it is that cool to go with our parents and plying those childish games we played for years. What is quite sad because not all of us can manage not to forget that we have been children once. And we hardly take the time to close our eyes and play again those funny games in our memories.
But therefor we have these places where our memories get a little kick. And just because you took the dog to the snowy forest you could think where are these cowboys. 
You might say that I am lucky because of the dog. But I can assure you  of some places in your memories you'll find in the cities as well.
So did I today.
When I was young (did I told that I love to say this) our parents have not been in the mood sometimes to deal with their noisy children. Or it was raining the whole day, or whatever. So we got some money to spent at the cinema which shows films for children especially on Sundays.
The guy who is running the cinema today told me today that on Sundays not only the children appear. Their parents and grandparents are sitting in these red armchairs as well, just because of their memories. So did he, and he is a grandfather.

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