17 Feb 2013

simplicity and variety...

Sometimes people ask me where I get the ideas for my recipes and dishes from. Do I sit in the middle of the market and juggling with the food around me? No I do not.
Although time by time I am doing it, in a different way. If you do not have any ideas what to cook in the evening and you are not in a hurry take your time and walk around a bit and listen to the food.
What is quite helpful for inspiration is reading. For sure cookbooks and culinary magazines but literature will do as well.
The description of the scent and colour of a dish meanwhile the bosses of the mafia discussing family things could lead you to success when you do an extraordinary  dish the next time.

The most confusing tool I think is the web.
Let's say you looking for a simple recipe for mousse au chocolat. Have you done it before? It is amazing how many recipes you'll find. From the very simple to the most complicated one. And even if you understand the process of combining the ingredients you may have no idea if they fit together for your taste. That is the confusing thing, to pick the right one for you.
Sometimes take a simple recipe which gives you enough space to enhance the recipe or the dish with you own inspiration.
As you can see by the ingredients of the following recipe it is not written for mousse au chocolat and you need a rolling pin or a pasta machine before you can enjoy the dish.

Pasta dough

250 g semolina
110 g water, warm

 Mix the ingredients and knead well until you get a nice dough.


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