31 Jan 2013

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After working two weeks in a row without having a day off it seems that January just passes by. Grey frosty days alternate with some sunny warm days. During the day when you walked around you even get the impression that spring already tickled you. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to enjoy these short moments of  warmth to the full.
But that does not mean that I am sad about it because I spent quite a lot of time at the underground. That gave me the opportunity to go back to reading. I mean not reading eBooks, short messages or email on the phone. I mean these things which are manufactured in a more or less traditional way. They print the words on pulp. And they call it book. But I have to admit that there have been a lot of people reading books at the underground. 
The first thing I did was finishing "no country for old men", which is great. I saw the film but hardly can remember solitary scenes. But the book is helping very much.
So, a few days ago I started another very fascinating one. I have to say it is about food. And if you are not interested in meat it might not be the right choice.
Although it has been published 1999 for the first time it is still reflected the discussions of today in regard of wasting food.
Not all recipes are to my taste but so far it is inspiring and by reading the title you know what to expect.


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