12 Oct 2012


Obviously autumn arrived. Although we still have sunny moments the day mostly starts with grey skies and it is quite crispy at early morning. People more and more change their clothes. You see them walking in boots, wearing gloves, scarves and caps.
And time by time like every year when summer said goodbye even the smile of some people will go on trip for a certain time. Over again we are responsible for bringing back sun and smile into our life by setting highlights.
My highlight for this week is tomorrow. A fully booked Speak Easy Club, with a delicious dinner having people around and enjoying a great evening.
I am sorry for you guys who are not participating but here is the menu.

Home baked Focaccia

Mussels in White Wine

* * *
Osso Buco with baked pumpkin
homemade Pasta

* * *

Sorbet of Federweißer
Nut Tarte


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