4 May 2012

highlight of a busy time

The last weeks have been quite busy.
All that fancy stuff you normally do in spring. Our wooden door project came one step (of another 245 steps) closer to being accomplished. Which is great just because the weather is nice and warm and I am able to spent some time with all these delicious greens, reds, yellows, meat, fish, salads and whatever to breathe new life into the pots, pans  and oven of our kitchen.
One of the highlights of the past was the last Speak Easy Club not only  because we had a lot of new people sitting at our table and a lot of fun like always. The most popular guest at this evening actually was the starter of our menu.

These little salmon ravioli coming in a bunch of three marinated in three different ways swimming in a white wine butter sauce.

Secrets? No secrets. 
The only thing to mention is that ravioli have been filled with a piece (not minced or processed) of fish. So if you cut the fish make sure that pieces will fit into the ravioli and that both, the fish and dough is cooked after the same time. Everything else is depending on your taste. After cutting the fish marinate the pieces for about 24 hours.

Marinade 1 lime zest, lime juice, salt, pepper, garlic (finely chopped), olive oil

Marinade 2 soy sauce, chili, ginger, maybe some salt and pepper, olive oil

Marinade 3 brown sugar, brown rum, salt, pepper, olive oil

Past dough

200 g flour
    2    eggs
Mix flour and eggs and add water until you get nice dough.

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