1 Feb 2012

a bit of work

A few days ago I have been talking about the sweetest sin on earth – chocolate.
But what to do with chocolate?
You can go to the supermarket and buy some chocolate bar, find a cosy place in front of the TV and watch a good movie. Before the film starts think about something different. Actually red wine, whisky or some rum suits the chocolate, even port wine. So get up once again and take a glass of whatever you want. STOP, you forgot to take the bottle as well.
You see, time management is very important.
Honestly, do you think you might attract somebody with a bar of chocolate?

What might be helpful are homemade chocolate truffle.
Right, it is a bit of work. But if you add some devotion to your work the result will amaze you.

For the following recipes you have to add some additional chocolate to encase the truffles.
Make sure that the melted chocolate isn’t to warm otherwise the truffles will melt as well.

You should prepare the recipes for the truffles 24hrs before you want to encase them.

Rosemary Truffle

350 g dark couverture
200 g cream
  20 g rosemary leaves

Boil up the cream with the leaves, blend it and let it rest in the fridge overnight.

Next day boil up the cream again and strain through a sieve.
Chop the couverture and pour into the hot cream. Stir until the chocolate is completely dissolved. Fill into a container and keep in the fridge for 24hrs.

Prosecco – Aperol Truffle

  60 g    butter
400 g    white couverture
  85 g    Prosecco
  50 g    Aperol

Chop the couverture and melt together with the butter over a water bath.
When the chocolate is melted add the Prosecco and Aperol stirring constantly until everything is mixed well.
Fill into a container and keep in the fridge for 24hrs.

Garam Marsala Truffle

250   g    cream
350   g    milk couverture
  20   g    Garam Marsala

Chop the couverture.
Boil the cream with the spices and pour over the couverture.
Mix well until everything is melted, fill into a container and keep in the fridge for 24hrs.

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