10 Oct 2011

sun is playing with the clouds

What a sunday. Watching rugby in the morning with a cup of coffee. All Blacks won the match. Seems to be a good start for the day. A short breakfast and another cup of coffee.
What a sunday. Sunny and cloudy not cold but not warm. Just nice enough to spend the day outside. So we went to a flea market expected nothing but all. A big market where it is hard to keep track of the things you looking for. Lots of bits and pieces of everything. Metal, wood, furniture, parts of bikes, fridges and cars and a lot more.
What a sunday. We found what we have been looking for the next project. Went back, took the thermos flask and the dog to leave again home towards the airport. The dog was hunting the ball and runnig around. The sun is playing with the clouds and although it is not cold but not warm you know that autumn has arrived.
That is exactly the day you should conclude with a mug of hot spiced red wine.
What a nice sunday.

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