8 Oct 2011

construction site

Before you start to build something you have to think how the product has to look like. Then you make a plan and consider the need to complete the project.
Write a list with all the ingredients you have to buy.
Contact suppliers and place your order. Even if you need additional staff hire them as early as you can and make sure that they have the right attitude which is reflecting the product.

For the following project you need some staff. In this case a couple. One couple is enough. They have nothing more to do than to look good, have to be dressed in a special way and should be able to stand still for a very long time. And they have to smile and be friendly for the same period.

Now here is your list.
Flour, starch, butter, eggs, sugar, salt, chocolate, cream, milk, lemons, egg white, icing sugar, marzipan and food colour.
Make sure you have enough of everything because you will need a lot.
The most important thing is to start early enough and in the right order.

Do not worry about the impressions you may get during the process. It is not always good looking but at the end it will be gorgeous.

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