5 Jul 2011

strawberries everywhere

With regard to the wheather of last night it was clear what we will have for dinner. A nice creamy potato soup and some sausages as we had when we were children. But can only  a soup feed your soul? Definitly not. Anyway some shopping needed to be done and I had to check the fridge before.
Not much in there to make somebody happy. Just some yoghurt and crème fraîche and ..... some strawberries..
This happened after the shopping 

Cleaned the strawberries, chopped and marinated with some browne sugar and liquor.
Mixed some yoghurt and crème fraîche, added a pinch of white sugar and some orange zests.
Diced some Amerettini.
And the greatest challenge for this dish: arrange everything layer by layer in a glass.

Have fun and enjoy your dinner at 11 pm.

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