4 Jul 2011

get prepared

Summer has come. A lot of work is done. And in between we had a great exhibition and a stunning feedback.
This time the art of food was in the front and its presentation. Seasonal food, simple dishes we all know but in a different dress. Neither the colour nor the consistence but still the taste exists. Take a spoonful, close your eyes and try to remember the classical dish you already know.

Although it is rainy and cold outside, it will be nice and warm again. So we have to be prepared for a hot summer and some scoops of avocado ice cream.

avocado ice cream

Avocado Ice Cream

Avocado, ripe and soft          2 each     
Sugar, brown                     100 g
Yolks                                     8 each     
Milk                                   0.4 l            
Cream                                0.4 l            

Beat the yolks and the sugar until you get a nice white cream.
In the meantime boil milk and cream together in a pot. Pour into the egg mixture by stirring constantly. Now pour back into the pot and heat up the mixture over 70°C until thickened. Never stop stirring and scratching the bottom of the pot.
Strain the mixture through a chinois.
Remove the stone of the avocado, peel and dice. Mix in a blender the avocado and some of the ice cream base until nice and creamy. Mix with the rest and freeze in a ice cream machine.

Summer can come now.

lollies of potato and leek salad

rhubarb chips

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