30 May 2011

what a week

Last but not least a little review of the last weeks.
As it seems that we want our place crowded, sometimes, we have been quite successful at the weekend of the 20th of May.
A few days before some friends from Uruguay arrived to spend the weekend with us. To make it unforgettable we also had an artist from Sylt with whom we shared our space for a combined exhibition.
Never the less than this you need to spend your day in between of beer and tea, crispy potatoes, popcorn, roasted almonds flavoured with chilli, home baked focaccia, rhubarb cake, white chocolate brownie, lots of people coming for the show and as a matter of course art.
No worries, we found a way to spend the nights in a similar way.
So it has been a wonderful time with great art, nice conversations, a lot of laughing and pieces of nice food.
And even Emma got the attention she insists on.

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  1. the picture of the red branch sculpture is amazing!