19 Apr 2011

Panzanella with sautéed prawns

Ingredients (6-8 servings)
300         g                   white bread, diced, from yesterday or the day before        
300         g                   tomatoes                            
    1         ea                 capsicum, yellow
    1         ea                 capsicum, red
    2         ea                 shallots
    2         ea                 spring onions
1/4          bunch           basil                                   
   2          tblsp             caper berries                      
   7          tblsp             vinegar, white                   
   8          tblsp             olive oil                             
                                   salt, pepper                        
                                   prawns (3 ea per person)   
                                   rosemary, thyme, garlic


-          remove the core of the tomatoes and cut into little cubes
-          do the same with the capsicum
-          cut the shallots into very fine cubes
-          finely slice the green of the spring onions
-          remove the shell and the gut of the prawns
-          wash and dry the salad


Place all vegetables in a bowl. Add vinegar, oil, caper berries and season with salt and pepper.
Fold in the bread.
In the meanwhile sauté the prawns with some rosemary, thyme and garlic.
Cut the basil in to fine stripes and mix with the salad.
Arrange everything nicely on a plate.

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