21 Mar 2011

rosemary popcorn

You just need popcorn and rosemary oil.
Isn't it easy.
If you have a good oil supplier around your corner pop in and buy a bottle of rosemary oil. But if you like a stronger taste of rosemary do it yourself.

500 ml vegetable oil
100  g  rosemary (leaves only)

Heat up the oil and the rosemary leaves together up to 80 °C and hold the temperature for about two hours. Cool down, strain and fill the cold oil into a dark bottle.
The intensity of the oil is depending on your taste.

If you like the oil, fill it into a fency bottle, create an artistic label and sell the for good money to your oil supplier.

To do the popcorn is as easy as doing the oil.
Before serving your popcorn season with fleur de sel and black pepper.

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