19 Feb 2011

how to spend a saturday afternoon

Cream Soup of Rocket Leaves with Mushroom strudel

For the soup

Onions, chopped     500    g                .
Potatoes, chopped  200    g
White Wine            150    ml
Stock                          2   litres
Cream                      0,5   litre
Rocket leaves           40    g

Sautee onions and potatoes. Pour in wine, reduce.
Add stock and reduce to 2/3 and pour in the cream.
Boil until everything is cooked.
Blend and pass through a chinois.

Mushroom strudel

The dough

Flour     250   g
Oil           15  ml
Egg           1   no
Water    150  ml

Mix all ingredients until you get a soft dough.

The Filling

Mushroom, sliced      2   kg
Onion                     240    g
Egg                             3
Parsley, chopped      10   g
White Wine            100  ml

Sautee mushrooms. Sautee onions, add white wine and reduce. Mix with mushrooms and eggs. If the mixture is to wet add some breadcrumbs. Check seasoning.
After pulling the dough brush with melted butter. Add some breadcrumbs and spread on the mushroom mixture.
Roll, butter the top and back at 180ºC for approx. 10 min.
You might get more than you really need. If you make small strudel you can keep them in the freezer.

In the meanwhile heat up the cream soup. Give the rocket (min. 40 g)  leaves in a blender and add half of the boiling soup to it.
Blend and pour back into the soup. Boil up again.
Check seasoning and pour the soup in to a bowl after placing the strudel in the middle.

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