18 Feb 2011

heart and soul warming

A few sunny days in the past gave us the feeling that spring is comming soon. But all in a sudden the wheather changed again. Temperature below zero degree and icy winds.
Who cares as long as we have enough cream, chili and chocolate.


Dark chocolate   100         g
Milk                    500         ml
Chilli                       1       piece
Sugar                     50         g
Vanilla pod            1/2     piece
Cream                 150         ml


- Whisk cream and keep in the fridge
- Cut chilli lengthwise, remove seeds and finely chop
- Chop chocolate


Caramelise the sugar and add the chopped chilli. Pour in the milk. Cut the pod lengthwise, remove the pulp and add both (pod and pulp) to the milk and boil up this mixture.
Remove the pod and add the chocolate stirring consistently.
When the chocolate is dissolved pour into heat resistant glasses and top with the cream.

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