20 Feb 2011

day off

As long you are working in a setting where the time of the work is not adjusted it's up to you to organise a break.
I have too admit that in the beginning it is quite hard to ignore all the paper work around you that you haven't completed during the last days.
But we all need some recreation and time for dissipation. If you realise that you use this extra time for anything with the awareness, no matter what you doing, to use this bonus is it still wasting something? I do not think so.
Sunday, day off.
Woke up without an alarm clock in the middle of the day. Short walk with dog. Extended coffee in front of the tv with some cookies, breads and cheese. Used the afternoon sun for walking the dog again along the channel and through the park. Throw the ball accidently into the channel unreachable for both.
Coming back having another coffee and realising that there is always a reason to waste some time. At least it makes you feel good.
Have a nice sunday evening.

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