24 Jan 2011

last week review, part III

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speak easy club

The first speak easy of this year.
Last saturday, a day of miracle and mystery.

Mystery - had to do the shopping for the menue we served for dinner. Needed some asian ingredients which have not been available in any asian supermarket although it should be.
Mystery - our favourite wine store was closed although it should be open. So I left home again to buy the wine somewhere else.

Miracle - with all the mystery of the day and the fact that two people didn't appear without giving notice it was a wonderful and funny evening which we enjoyed very much.

Salad of cucumber and ginger with sautéed scallops

Roasted pork belly, marinated tofu, spicy carotts,
cauliflower with curry, japanese rice,
a selection of different dips and sauces

Sautéed cardamom milk with sweet guacamole
and berry sauce

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