7 Jan 2011

2010 review

Do not worry, this will be just a brief information about what left the kitchen during the last months.


White Gazpacho and homemade bread with olives and capsicum

Moroccan leg of lamb served with braised vegetables and date couscous

Mille feuille of lime parfait and caramelised pastry sheets wit Nigella


Fresh figs gratinated with goat cheese

Coq au vin with orange polenta and braised vine tomatoes

Homemade apple tart served with warm vanilla sauce


Cream of potato with roasted black pudding

Roulade of pork filled with mushrooms

accompanied by Savoy cabbage à la crème and bread dumplings

Sherbet of „Federweißen“ with grape nut salad


Cream soup of baked Hokkaido pumpkin

Pasta with stew of veal, artichokes, caper berries, olives, roasted bread and pecorino

Pancake-gateau with a cranberry sour cream filling and butterscotch sauce


Salad of cucumber and ginger served with raw marinated tuna

Cream soup of baked Hokkaido pumpkin and scallops

With vanilla marinated breast of duck served with sweetheart cabbageand chili corn cake

Parfait of hot spice wine with warm chocolate orange tarte

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